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Founded in 2000 in Croatia, HIPPY GARDEN is a Croatian fashion and lifestyle brand that believes in innovative design and quality production. We proud ourselves of promoting Croatian production and showing its full potential to the world.

Becoming a part of the HIPPY GARDEN world, you are actively supporting an eco-friendly and 100% Croatian product who’s signature is authentic, simple and unique.

Starting of with a high end fashion line, HIPPY GARDEN today is a all round lifestyle brand that caters to every part of the creative sector including ready-to-wear and couture collections, fashion accessories, diverse footwear as well as collections for home decor, food design, cosmetics and much more.

With every upcoming year and collection, HIPPY GARDEN manages to excite its faithful costumers and fans by adding a new dimension of creativity and innovativity making the
brand all together more appealing to current, but also potential new consumers that are just starting to understand good and quality design.

HIPPY GARDENS’ story began in the late ‘90s when Đurđica Vorkapić came to the idea of creating a fashion brand which would express their vision and high desire to offer a produce that was much needed in the market. The idea quickly began to expand and now HIPPY GARDEN is a household name under which stands a great team of experts and professionals in the field of creative industries.

HIPPY GARDEN world is a collective inspiration of one’s spirit and energy with its own sense of beauty and power. Each creation and collection is made with great focus on details as well as keeping in mind the environmental and social responsibility using high quality and eco-friendly materials as well partnering up with various charities and programmes that support and encourage the country’s production and market. For this reason, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce decided to award it the ORIGINAL CROATIAN for 2005 “for the past creativity and to support further production and raising awareness of Croatian design”.

In addition to leadership positions in business, we strive to be active participants in preserving natural resources and energy, use products and materials that do not pollute the environment, to manage in an efficient manner and generate minimal waste.


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